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Appliances are very important parts of our daily lives. We cannot do much without our appliances. When any of our appliances break down then it gives a great impact on our daily life and buying a new appliance is not an option every time. So here we Appliance Gurus provide you with the most reliable services

Appliance Repair Gurus is a trustworthy company having immense knowledge about repairs since 8 years. We offer some of the best quality repair services at a very affordable rate for washing machine repair, stove repairs, dryers, water heaters etc. We ensure you that we accurately diagnose and resolve your issue, while our warranties protect you in the long run.

We are known to be the best appliance repair service and most cost-effective in town.

Most of us use these appliances regularly like stove, oven, cooktops, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal etc and they need a repair time to time to make it last longer. So here we provide you our service of repairing

By extending the life of an older appliance, often with a reliable and simple repair, you can end up saving yourself hundreds or even thousands and keep using the same appliances with ease and simplicity. We give you the best quality appliance service so that your appliance will have a long life.

We have been handling such work for many years and are enough experienced to do the work efficiently. We have a vast knowledge on dealing with every model and brand of appliances in professional manner. We are highly trained to do the job in a right manner.

This saves your money for transportation. We look in to the problem and go for repairing job without changing any major parts. By hiring us you won’t will not suffer any sudden breakdown after the service. We come to your place to do the inspection and then start working on it. We provide services at a very nominal rate.

We provide testimonials for whose who wish to hire us and experience our service. We also carry all the necessary parts in our vehicle to repair it on same day or if theres an extra repair we can provide you with that. We don’t surprise you with any hidden charges or fees. For more information call us on (408) 705-8452 / (408) 797-9504. We are just a call away or Email us at contact@inhomeapplianceservice.com